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It was my passion for music, particularly the guitar, and the image of the entrance statue at Maidstone School (U.K.) that led me to specifically study the biomechanics and structural and functional organization of the musician, whether guitarist, pianist, violinist, trumpeter...
A biomechanical study is first carried out, if possible with the instrument.
Postural, body and instrument adjustments are made to correct imbalances and eliminate discomfort and pain while playing. Musicians, to your instruments! Cervical, lumbar, wrist and finger problems will no longer prevent you from playing at your best.

Every musician is unique, and health problems can vary depending on many factors. To avoid these problems, it's essential to maintain proper technique, take regular breaks, warm up before playing, and consult a health professional if pain persists. Careful attention to posture and instrument ergonomics can also help reduce the risk of music-related aches and pains.

musical note

What ailments are common among musicians?

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persistent pain

If you're a musician, you're probably passionate about your art, whether you play guitar, piano, violin or any other instrument. However, it's important to consider the common ailments that can arise as a result of your musical practice. 

Here are some of the most common problems musicians may face:

Don't forget that playing music should remain a pleasure, and if you feel any pain or discomfort, it's advisable to consult an osteopath or health professional for help and advice tailored to your situation.

The musician's ally

Musicians' posture Osteopathy


Music and Biomechanics

A passion for music, particularly the guitar, and the memorable image of the statue at the entrance to the school in Maidstone (UK), were the triggers for my quest to study the biomechanics and structural and functional organization of musicians, be they guitarists, pianists, violinists, trumpeters or other instruments.

Musicians in harmony with osteopathy Osteopathy is an invaluable ally for musicians, who place intense demands on their bodies. From the outset and throughout their careers, understanding and treating the aches and pains associated with playing an instrument is essential. This therapeutic approach adapts its care to each artist, focusing on posture and movement, and preventing physical disorders. In this way, it offers musicians the keys to sustainable, pain-free practice, so that every note played rhymes with well-being.

Personalized biomechanical study
Finding the perfect balance

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Our process begins with a thorough biomechanical study, preferably with your musical instrument.
This analysis enables us to understand your body in harmony with your instrument. We identify imbalances and areas of tension that can lead to discomfort and pain while playing.

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Adjustments for your comfort
and performance

Osteopathy for musicians


for optimum recovery 

My aim is to help youplay to the best of your ability.
To achieve this, I make adjustments to your posture, your body and even your instrument.
These adjustments are designed to correct identified imbalances and eliminate any discomfort or pain that may arise while you're playing.

Anectode of John Wernham
pioneer of osteopathy

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John Wernham (1911-2007) was a renowned British osteopath and an influential figure in the field of osteopathy. He is often recognized as one of the pioneers of osteopathy in Europe, and was instrumental in the development of the discipline in Great Britain. 


Opposite, the image shows John Wernham*, holding a spine and pelvis, like a guitar... Superb analogy...

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Comprehensive care
Body-Mind Harmony

Don't let health problems such as neck, back, wrist or finger pain prevent you from expressing yourself fully through your music.

We're here to help you overcome these obstacles and get you playing with ease and passion.


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frequently asked questions


Find answers to frequently asked questions about postural disorders and their treatment.

Osteopathic treatment for musicians is personalized to address the specific needs of their instrument and playing style.

Osteopathy helps optimize posture and movement through adjustments that reduce tension and improve body function.

Musicians can suffer from musculoskeletal disorders, joint pain and repetitive stress disorders that osteopathy can alleviate.

A musician's longevity depends on his or her ability to keep the body in good health to avoid the injuries and pain associated with prolonged practice of an instrument.